OWNING EVOLUTION tells the story of the evolution of evolution as the core philosophy of biology. The series is a non-technical approach to the history of biology told through interviews and writings of scientists, historians, and journalists active in and devoted to sharing life's secrets.

In the beginning was natural selection…

In the beginning was natural selection…

Part One – Gem mules starts with Charles Darwin and his discovery of "descent with modification" in the lineages of animals and plants. The hour-long show continues with Darwin's disciples as they explore his theory of "natural selection," seeking proof of his concept in the mechanisms of heredity. The program is a humanistic natural history; the narrative gives due weight to the social context and personal qualities of the key scientists who with vigor and imagination refashioned biology in the 19th century.

Subsequent shows, Parts Two through Eight, detail the growth and partition of biology into many disciplines which interacted to further our knowledge of life. A pattern emerges, new findings continually influence, and are influenced by, contemporary culture.

About the Writer/Director

The project's writer and director, Joseph Terrence Gray, is a documentary filmmaker of 40 years experience. A graduate of Yale, Joe is a combat veteran of Vietnam. He has two adult children and three grandsons.

About the Project

This chronicle is a work-in-progress (as is its subject matter). Your interest and aid will be appreciated. Help culture a new kind of interest in the history of life on earth. Thank you.